Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Tobias Britton


Before Globacare, I spent the best part of a decade with the insurance behemoth AXA PPP. In 2016 we founded Globacare, a family owned business with a passion to help & make a difference to our clients health, well-being & financial future.

Our aim from day one was to offer true value, integrity, a personal service & guiding our clients at a time of need. Safe to say after 3 years and thousands of clients later, those values are set in stone.

I feel blessed & honoured to have a great team behind us, sharing the same vision & truly believing in helping clients the way it should be done; our unwavering ethos:

Members First

We exist to serve and respect our members. Their satisfaction, retention and well-being is the best barometer of our success. We chase perfection in order to achieve excellence.

Employee Success

Our employees are our greatest asset. We strive to create an environment where every employee has the tools, feedback, and opportunity to excel and grow professionally. The success of our employees enables the success of Globacare.

Integrity and transparency

We work at the highest level of openness, execution, integrity, and compliance. We honour our commitments and keep our promises. Transparency fosters trust.

We are lucky to be partners in several local companies, The West Hants Racquets club supporting their rising stars & more recently partnering Premiership team AFC Bournemouth.  We also work with various wealth management firms, accountancies & Doctors who entrust their clients with us.

When not working, you can find me in the garden (having recently acquired green fingers & ‘tutelage’ of Monty Don) with my partner, Emma (+ bump), son Marley & cocker spaniel Teddy. I love to thrash it out on the tennis courts, relive my youth on the mountain bike & hiking around the Jurassic Coast.

Lydia Hopkins

Protection Advisor

I’m Globacare’s CII qualified Financial Advisor specialising in Life, Critical Illness Insurance, Income Protection & Mortgage Protection.

I have many years of experience in this field and I am very passionate when it comes to helping people with their financial needs.

So if you are moving house, own a house, have children, have one on the way, looking for some inheritance for family, private sick pay or looking to cover yourself in the event of an illness, I am your girl!

In my spare time I love to travel…. of all the books of the world, the best stories are found within the pages of a passport” as they say…

You can reach me on 01202 016 009 or

Meet the Team

Will Forsyth

Sales Manager

Whether you are dealing with a renewal or taking out cover for the first time, health insurance can be a minefield of policy benefits, medical underwriting & varying prices. With over 8 years of experience in the industry I am well equipped to advise and guide clients to the best possible outcome to meet their current and future demands & needs.

Providing sound advice is paramount due to the complexities, nature of the product and the difference it can make to someone should they ever need to call upon it.

Understandably nobody likes to think about ill health, however having seen the difference my advice has made to my clients has always been a huge motivation for me to provide the best service and customer centric experience.

“Saving money is great but it’s equally important not to compromise cover or medical history in the process”

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and love the outdoors.  My hobbies include; skiing, clay shooting, motorsports & recently adding a motorbike to the household, safe to say my wife is not best pleased!

You can reach me on 01202 031711 or for a whole of market comprehensive review.

Meet the Team

Kingsley Agbo

Senior Broker

When you take the time to sit down and think about it, there’s nothing more important to us than our own health and the health of those we love. No one wants to think about falling ill and for most people, including myself, it sits there dormant at the back of your mind.

Unfortunately health issues are an inevitable part of life and I chose to work in this field to ensure that people are best prepared to deal with that as and when the time comes.

Not many things give me greater pleasure than speaking to a client for the first time, who is on the edge of giving up their cover because it’s become prohibitive and being able to negotiate them a better deal so they can keep hold of their policy at a time in their lives when they’ll need it the most.

I’ve worked in healthcare for many years, multi award winning in Sales, Management & Compliance  & hold a LLB Hons Law degree from the sunny south coast of Bournemouth.

Growing up, I vividly remember my elder sister taking sadistic pleasure in telling me my favourite superheroes weren’t real, yet – here I am today working in a profession that truly saves lives.

Outside of work, I love keeping active and am a keen rugby player for a local team on the south coast. Let’s just say I’ve lost more teeth than I’ve won silverware.

You can contact me on 01202 016 001 or

Meet the Team

Chris Lawson

Will & Estate Planning Advisor

Chris Lawson is a Partner of Lawson Stanley and specialises in Estate Planning. He has 12 years’ experience in the financial services industry and is personally committed to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities of standard Wills.

Chris enjoys spending time with his family when he is not at work and he enjoys playing football for his local team & also Cricket and Baseball.

If you would like to book in a will review with Chris, contact the team at Globacare and we can arrange a face to face or remote appointment.

Meet the Team

Samantha Lee

Protection Advisor

With a wealth of experience in sales, customer service & protection insurance, Sam can help in a multitude of areas; life insurance, critical illness & income protection.


When she’s not working, you can find her chasing after her two year old, expertly juggling parenting & work, always with a smile. 


You can reach her on 01202 016 004 or
Meet the Team

Louis Vafa

Senior Broker

Researching private medical insurance can be a bit chaotic when it comes to renewing your plan or even starting cover for the first time, but that’s where I come into play, with over 6 years’ experience in the industry, my advice will leave you with a true understanding on how your policy will work for you in the eventuality of needing to use it, working with you to create complete simplification and integrity throughout the process.

Personally, I believe it’s essential to listen to what your clients want, working with complete synergy to arrive at the best result for them. The beautiful thing about my role is the fact I get to provide my service every year, making sure they always have the best rates & cover available.

Being someone who stays extremely active with their health, I think we are all guilty of feeling immortal, but the fact of the matter is, injuries, ailments and illnesses can happen at any stage of our lives, so I want to make sure that if you are ever in that position you remember our conversation on how protected you really are!

Outside the walls of Globacare I would be what you call a fitness fanatic……. I love to play football competitively, attend regular spinning/gym classes and regularly mix it up with my biggest hobbies, clay pigeon shooting and travelling.

You can contact me on 01202 016 018 or

Meet the Team

Ellie Pilkington

Broker Care Team

With over five years of experience in protecting clients health I can genuinely say I still have the same burning desire to help people as I did on my very first day.
As someone who understands that our health is never guaranteed there is no better feeling than when I can make a client feel secure.
When I am not helping our Globacare customers over the phone you will usually find me spending time with family and being a social butterfly!

If you need some reassuring or just someone  to hold your hand and gently guide you through the journey of finding the best way to make your health a priority.

You can reach me on 01202 016163 or

Meet the Team

Matthew Fletcher

Senior Broker

After spending 20 years working in the golf industry I decided I wanted to try something new and was fortunate enough to be offered a role with the insurance giant AXA PPP Healthcare.

Being able to discuss a product which one day may save a clients life is a responsibility I not only enjoy but feel privileged to be able to do.

4 years at AXA taught me everything I needed to know about medical insurance but something was missing, something didn’t feel quite right. I realised that it was my role being “non-advisory” that was holding me back. My previous career was all about helping people and doing the right thing for them. Being “non-advisory” didn’t allow me to answer questions as i’d have liked and was leaving me flat.

Now, with Globacare, I can do what I do best, help people. Being “advisory” gives me the platform to make honest recommendations based on my clients needs. There is nothing more important than your health but medical insurance can be a bit of a minefield. There is no better feeling for me than to be able to clear the path to the perfect policy for my clients.

At the weekend you will find me on the golf course and every evening after work I’ll be at Moors Valley walking my 1 year old Cockerpollie Reggie.

You can reach me on 01202 016163 or

Meet the Team

Nicholas Zainal

Senior Broker

Spending the best part of 10 years for the AXA PPP Group, helping clients achieve their goals was always my number one priority.

Diligently ensuring clients have the best protection in line with an ever-changing market & their specific demands and needs.

In summary having an open & honest conversation about your health, could be the single most important decision we ever have. Our health is our most valuable asset & I strongly believe the plan to protect it is of equal standing.

Outside the protection industry, my single biggest hobby are performance cars, whether it’s going to Goodwood Festival of Speed, waxing the Range rover or hoovering the crumbs kindly left from my son, I’m never too far from 4 wheels…..

You can contact me on 01202 016043 or

Matthew Kerley

Senior Broker

With a wide spanning career in different financial services and Over 10 Years’ Experience providing protection solutions for individuals and families, I offer a friendly approach with open and honest conversation that enables my Clients to understand the fundamental elements of protection that benefit them most. Jargon Out – Simplicity In.

I build relationships with my Clients and offer ongoing support and advice to ensure their protection needs are taken care of year on year. Whether it’s Private Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, or Income Protection – I’m always happy to help. If you want a chat – drop me a line.

As a veteran (that means old) footballer I know first-hand how important it is to have Private Medical Insurance – these poor old knees!!

You can reach me here – or 01202 112500

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