Life Insurance

You’re unique. 
So are our policies.

There are different types of life insurance, and they’re usually designed with a specific protection purpose in mind.

We offer policies designed to help protect your family or your mortgage.

Life Insurance

Family Protection

Life insurance can help make sure your loved ones are protected should you die while covered by the policy. It could be used to help pay the mortgage or help protect the family’s lifestyle and everyday living expenses. You can choose the amount of cover you need and the length of time you want to be insured for.

Once you’ve taken out a policy, you can place it in Trust to help make sure the proceeds are used as you intend. Placing a life insurance policy in Trust can also help protect against Inheritance Tax.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage life insurance policies are designed to pay out a cash sum to help pay off your mortgage if you die during the length of the policy. Meaning your loved ones could continue to live in the family home without worrying about the mortgage.

  • Life insurance is designed to help pay off your outstanding mortgage if you die during the length of your policy. The premiums and the amount of cover you choose remain the same, unless you alter your policy.
  • Decreasing life insurance is designed to help protect a repayment mortgage, so the amount of cover reduces roughly in line with the way a repayment mortgage decreases.

Our life insurance policies include additional benefits at no extra cost, such as Accidental Death Benefit and Terminal Illness Cover. You can add optional benefits at an extra cost for example Critical Illness Cover and/or Waiver of Premium when you take out life insurance.

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